Subscription Terms and Conditions

We hope you find BeautyDNA to be a totally amazing experience! To make sure of that, we want to give you an understanding of what it means to be a BeautyDNA subscriber. Please read our terms and conditions carefully and know that you can always contact us with any questions - your satisfaction is very important to us!

As a subscriber, your credit card will be charged upon joining BeautyDNA and again every month thereafter. Remember you can CANCEL ANYTIME with NO PENALTY.

To suspend, cancel or just inquire about your account, simply email and we will be happy to help you. We take our work matching our subscribers with products they'll fall in love with seriously, and we reserve the right to revoke, suspend or terminate a user's subscription at any time for any reason. As a subscriber, it's important to understand that reselling, trading or attempting to return an item we send you to a retail establishment is grounds for immediate cancellation of your subscription.

Please keep your username and password confidential at all times. If you believe that your security has been compromised, please let us know immediately by sending an email to: Since we do not control our users' activities online, you are responsible for all actions carried out under your BeautyDNA account.

The data collected through BeautyDNA may be used in different ways, such as inventory planning, research and development, market trending analysis and more. We may use non-personal, non-identifiable data, trends and general information as we deem appropriate, and subject to state and federal laws, we may disclose personal information about our subscribers without their consent. Our goal is to help you discover new beauty products. As a result, we will send you various types of beauty products with different ingredients. Because of this, it is very important that any product you receive from BeautyDNA or its affiliated companies should not be considered a substitute for any kind of medical advice or treatment. As with any type of beauty product, you assume all risks associated with potential adverse or allergic reactions. Please consult a physician before trying new beauty products you receive that may cause an adverse reaction.

Finally, please be aware that your right to join, enroll or participate and/or subscribe to BeautyDNA and/or to receive certain beauty products distributed within the BeautyDNA program may be limited based on demographic and geographic availability or other criteria.

We hope this information helps. We also recommend that you review the legal information provided in our Privacy Policy and user Policy. By joining BeautyDNA, you are confirming that you have read and understand the above information.